With Due Diligence Virtual Data Room You Will Easily Manage The Financial Documents

The due diligence virtual data room is designed for enterprises in various business areas and allows you to automate business processes related to the management of financial documents, from drafting and concluding contracts and ending with the collection and storage of primary accounting documents.

Why Do You Need the Virtual Data Room to Manage the Financial Documents?

The paradigm of doing business is changing: enterprises are striving not only to reduce the cost of production itself but also to reduce labor costs and cycle times. The general trend towards automation of work dictates the need to revise the expensive and ineffective “paper” work with financial documents. In the management of financial documents, most enterprises are characterized by the following weaknesses:

  • fragmented contract management procedures;
  • labor-intensive processes;
  • low level of contract availability;
  • ineffective monitoring and management of contract compliance;
  • inadequate analysis of contract performance.

Every day, the company’s financial services process a large volume of primary accounting documents, such as contracts, invoices, certificates of completion, invoices, and much more. The lack of automation in the processing of financial documents makes it difficult to ensure reliable protection and confidentiality of the information and, importantly, to quickly find the required document.

The due diligence virtual data room has developed an automated solution for storing and processing financial documents. With the help of the “Financial Archive” the company can optimize the management of financial documents and organize the efficient operation of the common service center. The archive of primary financial documents contains ready-made functional solutions and, at the same time, is customized for the specific requirements of the company.

The Due Diligence Virtual Data Room to Manage Your Documents

To create documents using due diligence virtual data rooms, for example, orders, statements, service notes, the system provides templates in which part of the text is pre-filled and the design is configured. Moreover, if automatically filled fields are added to the template, then when creating a document, the system will substitute data from its card into them. Using templates allows you to adhere to a single style of documentation and save time when creating documents of the same type.

The due diligence virtual data room collects user data to make our services more convenient. Thanks to this, we not only determine the language in which you have made a request, but we solve more complex problems, for example, we automatically select useful ads or interesting videos, and also help to find contacts of friends and acquaintances on the Internet. The type of data we collect depends on how you use our products and what privacy settings are set in your account.

From an administrative point of view, the functionality of the VDR provides flexible management of security policies – which user groups, on which printing devices, what kind of documents (format, color, duplex) are allowed or prohibited to print. Also, using the so-called printing rules, you can set up an automated reaction of the system to certain events in the processes of initiating printing, identifying users on target printers, and directly displaying printouts on them, which is an indispensable element of comprehensive protection of paper workflow. 

The purpose of the VDR innovations is to minimize the risks of buyers of apartments under construction, to provide certain guarantees for the safety of funds paid by persons purchasing housing at the construction stage, to increase requirements for developers, and to control operations with the participation of equity holders’ funds.